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Welcome to Seradata

Seradata is the new home for SpaceTrak,


the Space Industry's leading launch and satellite database and analysis system. Delivered via a powerful website, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive, consistent, independent and authoritative information covering every (orbital) launch and satellite since Sputnik in 1957. Created in 1997, SpaceTrak powers the marketing and risk decisions of key launch providers, manufacturers, insurance companies and satellite operators worldwide.

SpaceTrak is the leading product of a new company, Seradata, set up as a result of a management buy-out from Reed-Elsevier. Seradata plans to invest in both the content of and the IT behind SpaceTrak, enhancing the customer experience.


Here's what SpaceTrak's users say:

Space Intelligence News

On a lighter note: Naval weaponry starts to shame Star Wars while four-barrels always work best

There is a scene in the World War I-set BBC comedy show ‘Black Adder 4′, in which the

4 September, 2015
Atlas V 551 launches MUOS 4 US Navy comsat successfully

At 1018 GMT on 2 September 2015, an Atlas V 551 operated by ULA (United Launch Alliance) successfully

3 September, 2015
Soyuz TMA-018M launches with three crew to ISS

A Soyuz FG launch vehicle successfully launched the Soyuz TMA-018M spacecraft carrying three crew to the International Space

3 September, 2015
Scare word of the West: China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile goes on display during VJ anniversary parade

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, or so said Samuel Johnson in 1775.  These words still have resonance,

3 September, 2015