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Seradata is the home of SpaceTrak,


The Space Industry's leading launch, satellite database and analysis system. Delivered via a powerful website, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive, consistent, independent and authoritative information covering every (orbital) launch and satellite since Sputnik in 1957. Originally created in 1997, SpaceTrak powers the marketing and risk decisions of key launch providers, manufacturers, insurance companies, governments and satellite operators worldwide.

SpaceTrak is the leading product of Seradata, set up as a result of a management buy-out in 2013 from Flightglobal Ascend (formerly Airclaims). Seradata has invested in and continues to improve both the content of and the IT behind SpaceTrak, enhancing the customer experience.


Here's what SpaceTrak's users say:

Seradata Space Intelligence

Boeing might sell Soyuz seats to NASA

Boeing might be embarrassed by delays to its CST-100 “Starliner” which is, in turn, delaying the fulfilment of its commercial crew launch contracts

19 January, 2017
AMC-3 changes name to Eagle-1 after payload buyout by airline connectivity supplier

While the communications satellite AMC-3 will still remain so with satellite operator SES, the entire Ku-band payload of the satellite (now in

19 January, 2017
Atomic clock woes lose partial redundancy on already launched Galileo sats and delay further flights

It has been reported that some atomic clocks on the interim and full production satellites in the Galileo navigation

18 January, 2017
President Obama – The Verdict: Much better than George W. Bush – but too weak on Syria and Space

It is, of course, posterity that gets the final say on whether a U.S. President was any good

18 January, 2017