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The SpaceTrak web-based launch and satellite analytical system is used by most of the important players in the space industry to provide the information they need at the touch of a button. SpaceTrak comprises of the SpaceTrak database, the browser front-end software and the Space Briefing analytical reports.


Since 1997 our experianced anaysts have collated data from a variety of public and private sources to provide a one-stop-shop of key information that will enable you to analyse and forecast industry activity, trends, failure rates and market share. Ideal for insurance pricing, and business planning.

SpaceTrak provides:

• Event histories for all spacecraft flying since Sputnik in 1957
• All orbital launch attempts since 1957
• Satellite mission, position and lifecycle tracking
• Future launch schedule of over 1000 payloads
• Reliability & trend information for launch vehicles and spacecraft types
• Satellite launch and construction orders
• Insurance loss values and financial data
• Technical specifications of launch vehicles and spacecraft
• Trend analysis documents & charts
• Online news and comment on the space industry

As a fully quotable resource, free from the information transfer restrictions set by national governments, SpaceTrak has become the space industry’s most trusted source of space information.  


• Is easy to use: clients can use preset, modified or customised event queries

• Is updated with the latest events every working day

• Data can be easily extracted to spreadsheets

• Available as a 12-month subscription with discounts for extra users


Who can benefit:

• Aerospace manufacturers

• Launch providers

• Satellite operators

• Insurance companies

• Governments, space agencies and universities

• Consultants

Terms and Conditions of Use for our Products (PDF)

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