An Ariane 5 ECA rocket successfully launched the BSAT-4B, GALAXY 30 and the MEV-2 spacecraft into Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO) at 2204 GMT, 15 August from the Kourou Space Centre in French Guiana.

Launch of the three-satellite mission on-board the Ariane 5 ECA rocket. Courtest of Arianespace


The BSAT 4B satellite is owned by the Japanese B-SAT Corporation, the satellite carries 24 Ku Band transponders to provide 4K/8K ultra high definition (UHD) media to Japan. The Galaxy 30 satellite is owned by Intelsat and will be used to provide UHD communications services to the Continental USA, Alaska and the Caribbean Islands. The MEV-2 spacecraft is owned Space Logistics LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American manufacturer Northrop Grumman and will be used to provide mission extension services to INTELSAT 10-02. Space Logistics was previously part of Orbital ATK, before the whole company was bought by Northrop in 2018.

Phil Hylands contributed to this story.