Launching at 0322 GMT, on 20 December 2019, a Chinese Long March 4B (CZ-4B) rocket has carried nine satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The mission lift-off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, Northern China. The primary payload on the mission was the CBERS 4A (China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) satellite, the third of the second-generation units of this programme. Also involved in this mission was Pakistan who worked with China to provide seven satellite sub-systems each. The multi-spectral and wide-field cameras were built by INPE, of Brazil.


Amongst the other eight payloads on the mission there was an Ethiopian Earth observation microsatellite, ETRSS-1, and a Brazilian 1U CubeSat, FloripaSat 1. The other six payloads were small satellites from various Chinese companies.