WK2 left hand seat.JPG

Above is the left hand seat of WhiteKnight Two’s starboard cabin command module with the helmets of its pilot Peter Siebold and co-pilot Clint Nichols. Watch a video of the interior below

In the extended section of this blog post are more exclusive pictures of the cockpit, the rest of the interior of WK2’s righthand fuselage and of Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson preparing for his participation in the demo flight – that took place on the afternoon of Tuesday 28 July here at the EAA Airventure air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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WK2 cockpit close.JPG

WK2 right hand seat.JPG

Above: the right hand seat of the WK2 cockpit

WK2 Branson prepares.JPG

Above: WK2 pilot Peter Siebold, left, helps Sir Richard Branson, right, prepare for the flight

WK2 cockpit wide.jpg
WK2 interior rear.JPG

Above: the WK2 right hand fuselage interior’s rear and to the right, the flight engineer’s seat

WK2 Branson is seated.JPG

Above: Sir Richard Branson is seated aboard WK2 in the flight engineers seat awaiting his flight demo