Hyperbola is hearing that the UK’s new space agency will be called Her Majesty’s Space Agency, the name proposed by the Labour government’s minister for space Lord Paul Drayson of Kensington

I guess if you think you’re going to lose the general election, expected on 6 May, then why not leave behind a government body with what many will think is a silly name. The rumour Hyperbola has heard includes the claim that Prince Andrew the Duke of York, the UK’s special representative for international trade and investment and Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II’s third child, will be a “patron” of this agency

If this is true then we’ll hear it tomorrow (at the space agency announcement) or more likely the UK’s national newspapers will have it on their websites by this evening as the Labour government always “leaks” what it sees as good news

And at the moment the government desperately needs to divert attention away from the latest scandal