Following delays caused by both the weather and the launch vehicle, at 1752 GMT, on 22 September, the seventh HTV (HTV-7) resupply freighter was launched to the ISS by its Mitsubishi Industries (MHI) supplied H-2B rocket. The freighter, which will be docking with the ISS on 27 September, is carrying 6,200 kg of cargo. Among the items being delivered are four “equipment racks” for installation on-board the ISS, six new ORUs (Orbital Replacement Units) continuing the programme of upgrading the station’s Nickel-Cadmium batteries to Lithium ion and three CubeSats: SPATIUM-i and STARS-Me and the RSP-00 (aka RYMANSAT) which was built by amateurs.

Update on 27 September 2018: ISS robot arm grappled the HTV-7 at 1134 GMT on 27 September 2018 to berth it later.

The H-2B rocket lifts-off from Tanegashma carrying the HTV-7 resupply mission. Courtesy of Jaxa