In a press release, global FSS (Fixed Service Satellite) operator SES has announced two changes to its Executive Committee. The first is that of the CFO – Chief Financial Officer – position, currently held by Padraig McCarthy. This change was expected by SES, as Mr McCarthy’s intention to step down during 2018 had been previously announced to the company. Unexpectedly, SES has also had to deal with the announcement from sitting President & CEO – Chief Executive Officer – Karim Michel Sabbagh, that he intends to step down at the company’s next AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 5 April. Subsequently, SES has decided to carry out both of these changes at the 2018 AGM.


Conveniently, SES hasn’t had to look far for suitable replacements; Steve Collar, currently CEO of SES Networks will succeed Mr Sabbagh at the top of the company and Andrew Browne, will return to the previously held position of SES CFO, replacing Mr McCarthy. Both of these “newcomers” have had historical associations with SES and more recently O3b Networks.

SES Networks was formed in 2017 from what was previously SES’s data related business coupled with O3b Networks, following the formers 2016 purchase of the latter. Mr Sabbagh and Mr McCarthy will remain in their posts until the AGM and will work with their successors to enable a smooth transition until then. An additional replacement for Mr Collar, in the SES Networks CEO position will be sort by the company.