“Leave a Man…come back a Hero” promises Lynx/AXE spaceflight competition

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Men dressed in space suits have been seen around London’s landmarks as part of marketing efforts for the Lynx Space Academy – a competition to pick and train astronauts from suborbial spaceflights.   The competition’s advertising line for the flight is compelling:  “Leave a Man…Come Back a Hero.”

The Lynx Space Academy has recruited the octagenarian former NASA Apollo 11 Moonwalking astronaut Buzz Aldrin to front television advertisements to encourage participation in the  competition to win trips into suborbital space.   Candidates will have a number of physical and mental tasks to master to win a trip to a final being held in Orlando which will select candidates to fly on board a suborbital flight – aptly aboard an XCOR Lynx space plane.

 Lynx, and its AXE US-equivalent, is actually a brand of shower gels, aftershaves and other male grooming products, and the competition is aimed at promoting these.  A new fragrance for the ling called Lynx Apollo has been introduced during the campaign.  


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