Long March 7 rocket stage burns up over Western USA

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A fiery trail in the sky over Western USA caused alarm to onlookers. The trail has since been identified as the re-entry of a used rocket stage from recent Chinese Long March 7 (CZ-7) flight which took place in June. The glowing embers were the launch vehicle’s second stage breaking apart and burning up during its fiery re-entry. According to orbit watcher Jonathan McDowell, the re-entry took place at 0436 GMT over the US state of Utah on 28 July 2016 with any surviving debris falling into the desert.


Long March 7 stage re-entry. Courtesy: Internet (still from movie clip taken by Matt Holt via spaceflightnow.com)

Long March 7 stage re-entry. Courtesy: Internet (still from movie clip taken by Matt Holt via spaceflightnow.com)

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