Moon Beat documentary: how the media covered Apollo

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credit Moon Beat / caption: Picture on the far right is of BBC’s Reginald Turnill

Following in the footsteps of In the shadow of the Moon comes the flip side to the Apollo history documentary and Kevin Stirling’s Moon Beat focuses on the media, the journalists who covered the programme at close quarters

NASA itself recognised those that covered the programme and called them the Chroniclers. There is a wall covered in plaques recognising the work done by the individual journalists at Kennedy Space Center and one of those plaques bears the name Reginald Turnill

The then British Broadcasting Corporation aerospace correspondent, or space reporter depending upon which webpage you read, Turnill is featured in Moon Beat

On the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik visited Turnill at his home on the south coast of England and spoke to him about that event and his career with the BBC

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