While he might have a new girlfriend (the 30 year-old Canadian female singer Grimes) this has not tempered SpaceX supreme leader Elon Musk’s irascibility.  Having been irritated by journalists reporting the woes at his Tesla car plant, Elon has decided to create a ranking website for journalists who would be publicly rated on the basis of their quality and trustworthiness. Elon joked that the website might be called Pravda (after the infamous Soviet mouthpiece).

Comment by David Todd: No doubt Elon will be the final arbiter/adjudicator of any ranking.  As such, your correspondent would just like Elon Musk know that he has always regarded him as a bloody good bloke! 🙂

Elon Musk in front of a Tesla Roadster – the one he sent into deep space
Courtesy: via Autondtv.com