On a lighter note: US Air Force will apparently do anything to get UK’s air-breathing rockets

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Cutaway diagram of SABRE engine. Courtesy: Reaction Engines Limited

Cutaway diagram of SABRE engine. Courtesy: Reaction Engines Limited

So keen are the boys at the US Air Force Research Laboratory on the UK firm Reaction Engines’ SABRE (Synthetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) heat exchanger technology (this writer is a shareholder) that they are apparently willing to do anything to get their hands on it…and it could make your eyes water. On his Twitter feed, https://twitter.com/pbdes the distinguished Space News correspondent Peter De Selding wrote: “USAF Research Lab (1) confirms ‘feasibility/potential of [Reaction Engines single-stage-to-orbit] engine cycle,’ says warrants further anal.”

Probably not exactly what Peter meant, given a Tweet’s limited number of characters, but we get the drift! 🙂

It was for a similar reason that your correspondent chose to have a gold tooth fitted when offered one by his dentist.  This was just in case he ever found himself waking up inside a Turkish prison…well, a gold tooth might be a very useful way of bribing one’s way out of what could be a very sticky situation. 🙂

Thankfully your correspondent has never been in a Turkish prison…and he does not like movies about gladiators either. 🙂 Apologies to Airplane! (1980)

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