PICTURE: Samara Space Centre’s new Rus rocket

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How good is your Russian?

This image shows a proposed new rocket by Russia’s Samara Space Center called the Rus.
Ignore the slides about the Soyuz 2 variants and the construction progress in French Guiana. The slide above was taken from the forum of the Russian space news magazine Novosti Kosmonautica

Sponsored by Russia’s Federal Space Agency I don’t know how independent it is, or could be in Putin’s Russia, but the editor was a nice enough chap when I met him in Moscow in 2005

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Here is the Google translation for the forum web page with these Rus rocket slides

samara 2.JPG

I would imagine this would be a candidate for the new launch site in Vostochny. According to a senior RSC Energia official the booster for the proposed Crew Space Transportation System that will launch from Vostochny would be a wholly new rocket

So the Rus is a potential candidate and as you can see in the slide there are there different flavours with 20,000kg, 40,000kg and 100,000kg launch capabilities, I am assumig to low Earth orbit. The Russians may be looking to replicate the US Moon mission architecture with 20t and 100t launches

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