Promises, promises, but I should be, technical gremlins aside, be blogging live from the launch of STS-122 next week

The European Space Agency, whose Colombus laboratory module is being launched by STS-122, is highlighting NASA TV’s mission briefing details for the 30 has its usual insider details of Shuttle programme decision making

Previously the website also gave details about the engine cut off (ECO) sensor problems that led to the delayed launch of the orbiter Atlantis on what could be its penultimate voyage

Meanwhile Aviation Week and Space Technology had its own take on the problem

And just to round off these launch links, with a third from, here is some solid rocket motor upgrade updates

While NASA prepares to send its Shuttle to the International Space Station again, Space Politics ponders China’s future involvement in ISS

Here’s another angle on the China, ISS issue, care of Clark Lindsey’s

While NASA celebrates 10-years of the ISS links to NASA, Spacehab space act agreement fun for commercial station use

And if you want to step back in time a little then here’s’s report on solutions to the external tank ECO sensor issues and the ISS’s SARJ situation and what was then a forthcoming flight readiness review