credit NASA/Flight

The UK goverment’s coordinating body for government civil space activities, the British National Space Centre, has a space exploration review underway (another one?) and it is to report by the end of this first quarter

You can find out all about the review and its terms of reference here and you can email in your comments (let’s keep them civil) to the review team through this email addressThe UK government trumpeted its renewed support for manufacturing the other day when the prime minister Gordon Brown no less visited Rolls-Royce in Derby, as part of his three-day tour of industrial England and Wales, to talk about funding training. Maybe this space exploration review is part of a wider effort to bring about the “white heat of technology revolution” promised by Labour prime minister Harold Wilson in the 1960s?

But if it does, it only took the worse world financial crisis since 1929 and a pending recession that could be the worst in 60-years to make a UK government realise that allowing its industrial base, including high tech companies, to atrophy and to rely on the finite North Sea oil and gas supplies, service industries and consumer debt might just not be the best way to create a robust economy