Hughes Network Systems (an EchoStar company) revealed on 9 August, that they had placed an order with American satellite manufacturer SSL, for their third “Jupiter” satellite-based internet spacecraft, ECHOSTAR 24/JUPITER 3. The satellite will be capable of a total throughput of 500 Gbps and is intended to be Hughes’ answer to Viasat Inc and their upcoming VIASAT-3 spacecraft – reported to have a total throughput of 1 Tbps.

The satellite is expected to be launched in 2021 (a year later than the first forecasted VIASAT-3). No launch contract has been announced at this time.


Corporate logo of Hughes Network Systems (an Echostar company). Courtesy of Hughes.   


SSL also confirmed that this Hughes spacecraft is the 500 Gbps capacity HTS satellite contract, that they previously mentioned in their 2Q 2017 earnings call at the end of July.