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The Space Industry’s leading launch, satellite database and analysis system. Delivered via a powerful website, our experienced analysts provide comprehensive, consistent, independent and authoritative information covering every (orbital) launch and satellite since Sputnik in 1957. Originally created in 1997, SpaceTrak powers the marketing and risk decisions of key launch providers, manufacturers, insurance companies,  governments and satellite operators worldwide.

SpaceTrak is the leading product of Seradata, set up as a result of a management buy-out in 2013 from Flightglobal Ascend (formerly Airclaims). Seradata has invested in and continues to improve both the content of and the IT behind SpaceTrak, enhancing the customer experience.

Here’s what SpaceTrak’s users say:

Luce Fabreguettes

VP Business Development


SpaceTrak is indisputably the most reliable source of information for risk evaluation to support decisions in the space sector.

Kathy Shockey

VP Business Development

Space Systems/Loral (SSL)

At SSL we find the SpaceTrak database of great value for anomaly insurance claim information.

Jan Schmidt

Head of Space

Swiss Reinsurance

The SpaceTrak online database, as well as the Space Review analysis, have been very valuable to conduct our day-to-day underwriting business.

Saruta Utamachote

Senior Corporate Strategy Advisor


SpaceTrak’s comprehensive data is incredibly valuable in helping us make informed business decisions.

Seradata Space Intelligence

WGS 10 comsat is launched by Delta IV

At 0026 GMT on 16 March 2019, In what would be one of the last flight of the Delta IV, a Delta IVM+ 5,4 launched the WGS 10 military communications satellite from the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.  The ULA operated flight went as planned and the spacecraft...

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Axelspace orders Soyuz launch for three more sats

Having already had its GRUS-1A satellite launched aboard a Soyuz rocket in March, Axelspace Corporation announced on 12 March 2019 that it had contracted with GK Launch Services to launch the 80kg GRUS-1B and 1C satellites along with a sister satellite called Fukui...

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