For those of you who like to work their brains, here below is our Apollo 11 50th anniversary moon landing crossword.  Some of you will have already seen this as we handed it out at our Seradata Space Conference last month.  We awarded a prize to the first to complete it and there was only one as the conference was too interesting! There are no prizes this time…just the gratification of completing it.

We will print the solution after 20 July – the day of the landing.

Apollo 11 Celebratory Crossword – You will need to print it off to fill it in. Courtesy: Seradata


  1. Nicknamed Old Glory, it needed a rod to keep it flying on the Moon even if the ascent module later blew it over? (4)
  2. First name of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 Flight Director Kranz for whom failure was not an option? Denim sounding. (4)
  3. Command Module’s name, also the District of US Capital? (8)
  4. Apollo 11 moon landing time was 20:17 GMT on 20 July 1969 but what is the Tribal phonetic alphabet code for GMT? (4)
  5. Von Braun’s planetary sounding lunar rocket is attached to Churchillian victory sign? (6, 1)
  6. The shape of the lunar module’s window? (8)
  7. What the Apollo camera was used to take, even if Buzz infamously failed to get any good ones of his colleague? (10)
  8. Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was very apt given Apollo 11’s destination? (4)
  9. Religious act that Buzz Aldrin performed after landing on the moon? (9)
  10. Cutting an animal tail or essential for astronauts to transfer between spacecraft? (7)
  11. Children’s stick to jump around on but Apollo’s rockets had trouble with this as well? (4)
  12. NASA Apollo Mission Control was in this city? (7)
  13. The number 1202 frightened both astronauts and ground control during the landing – but what was it? (5)
  14. New NASA human lunar landing programme name? Hunting sister of Apollo and Greek equivalent of Diana. (7)
  15. Anagram of “Girl Ornaments”? Sounds as if he had a powerful upper limb. (4, 9)
  16. Which US President called the Apollo 11 crew on the Moon? (5)


  1. Missing vowel of the first words said on landing on the lunar surface. Later claimed to be lost in space! (1)
  2. Imperial bird of prey brought relief to Mission Control when it was announced as landed? (5)
  3. When their ascent engine arming button broke off, Buzz proved that this is mightier than the sword by sticking it in the hole to get them off the lunar surface? (3)
  4. Not-so-nice Apollo toilet collection arrangement familiar to dog-walkers. But use carefully to avoid unpopular floaters in orbit (US Spelling 5,3)?
  5. In Neil’s first words…and you can achieve one of these in low lunar gravity? (5,4)
  6. Kind of peaceful on this sea after having a “Mare” of a landing? (11)
  7. Guy Fawkes’ more formal first name and man in charge of guidance at Mission Control who gave out his rhyming “Go” for landing call? (5)
  8. Greek alphabet maker of Apollo astronaut watch strapped on Buzz’s arm during moonwalk? (5)
  9. Crew used amount of this to make exorbitant joke travel expenses claim for Apollo 11 round trip? (7)
  10. Dictionary publisher but also the third man of Apollo 11 mission? (7)
  11. Yellow and black insect name of US Navy aircraft carrier which recovered Apollo 11 crew from Pacific after splashdown? (6)
  12. University where JFK announced intention to go to the Moon? A grain. (4)
  13. What cars do on ice but also caused during lunar landing/touch down? (4)