Artist’s impression of Vega-C in flight. Courtesy: ESA

OHB Italia, the Italian offshoot of the German OHB Systeme firm, has awarded a launch order for a Vega launch for the National Advanced Optical System (NAOS) under the term of a turnkey contract between OHB Italia and the Luxembourg’s Directorate of Defence. The satellite will either use the current Vega rocket or the improved Vega C. The launch will be conducted from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, in 2022. 

Built by OHB Italia, NAOS will weigh approximately 600 kg at launch and is designed to have a nominal service life of at least 7 years once positioned in a sun-synchronous orbit at around 500 km. Designed for governmental and military purposes, the high-resolution reconnaissance satellite will provide global coverage, being able to capture more than one hundred images per day.