Internet of Things communications satellite operator Astrocast, in conjunction with the dispenser provider D-Orbit, has booked a launch aboard the first Vega-C launch of Arianespace.  Ten satellites of its 64 satellite constellation are to be carried to Sun-synchronous orbit on D-Pod satellite dispensers supplied by D-Orbit. The flight is expected to take place in the Q4 2019-Q1 2020 timeframe.

Astrocast was not the only company making Vega bookings, Spire made a launch booking for its satellite constellation on board Arianespace’s Vega.  That flight will be the Small Spacecraft Mission Service Proof of Concept (SMSS POC) flight of Vega in 2019. Spire holds options on further Vega flights.

Artist’s impression of Vega-C in flight. Courtesy: ESA