On 16 February astronauts Vande Hei and Kanai made spacewalk – more correctly known as an EVA (Extra Vehiclular Activity) –  to reposition LEE-A (Latching End Effector A) that had previously been replaced on the end of the ISS robot arm (Canadarm-2), from its temporary position on the mobile transporter and moved it into the air lock.  The old but still working removed LEE-B was placed in turn on the mobile transporter after being moved from an external storage platform.

The airlock was depressurized about 1156 GMT and the hatch was opened at 1159 GMT. The hatch was closed at 1750 GMT and the Quest airlock was repressurised at 1757 GMT. (All times from Jonathan McDowell).

In a separate event, after its two day approach following its launch, the Progress MS-08 freighter docked with the aft docking port on the ZVEZDA module of the International Space Station at 1038 GMT on 15 February.


The International Space Station (ISS). Courtesy: NASA