At 1800 GMT, 17 November 2018, another Long March 3B/YZ-1 (CZ 3B/YZ-1) lifted-off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, PRC, carrying two satellites to MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) for the Beidou constellation. This mission marks the 33rd launch of the year for China and the tenth launch carrying Beidou satellites. The two spacecraft on this launch were Beidou-3M17/-3M18 – alternatively called Beidou 42 and 43. Launches in service of the Chinese satellite navigation system – Beidou – are planned to resume in early-2019.

The Long March 3B/YZ-1 rocket lifting-off from Xichang for the ninth BEIDOU mission of the year. Courtesy of Xinhua