At 0123 GMT on 15 September China conducted a second sea-based launch. The mission utilised the De Bo 3 converted rescue and salvage ship as a launch platform in the Yellow Sea. Using a four-stage, solid, Long March 11 (CZ-11H) rocket the launch carried nine high-resolution Earth imaging satellites into a Low Earth Orbit.

The Long March 11 rocket lifts-off from its launch platform in the Yellow Sea. Courtesy of Xinhua


The satellites were launched for the Jilin-1 satellite constellation. Jilin-1 aims to global Earth Imagery and video for commercial and civil uses. The spacecraft themselves consisted of three high-res video units and six, more traditional, high-res push-broom imaging satellites. All nine reportedly utilised technologies present on the previously launched Jilin-1 Gaofen 03A satellite launched in June 2019. The satellites are built and operated by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co.