China launches autonomous resupply freighter to its space station

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China launched the Tianzhou-2 resupply freighter to the Chinese Space Station (CSS) at 1255 GMT, on 29 May. The mission lifted-off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, Southern China, and utilised a Long March 7 (CZ-7) rocket.

Following its launch the freighter completed an autonomous docking with the CSS at 2101 GMT. The craft is carrying a variety of supplies and equipment ahead of the first planned crew launch to the station – expected NET 10 June. Additionally, it is also reportedly carrying “two tonnes” of “propellant” in order to refuel the station.

The Long March 7 rocket lifts-off carrying the Tianzhou-2 resupply craft. Courtesy of Xinhua/Ju Zhenhua


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