China has launched four satellites on a Long March 2D/2 from the launch site at Taiyuan at 0253 GMT on 15 January 2020.  The spacecraft were placed into a relatively low Sun-synchronous low Earth orbit of 491 x 477km at 97.4 degree inclination.  The main payload was the Jilin-1 Kuanfu-01 (Wideband-01) which is an Earth observation satellite equipped with a hyperspectral Earth imager capable of 4 m resolution and with a swath of 136 km.

The other spacecraft aboard were two 37 kg NuSat spacecraft (NuSat-7 and NuSat-8) which are part of the Adelph-1 rapid revisit Earth observation constellation offering imagery up to 1 m resolution, and the 8 kg Tianqi-5  Internet-of-Things (IoT) communications spacecraft as part of a new constellation.