A Long March 11 (CZ-11) rocket was launched from a barge stationed in the Yellow Sea at 0406 GMT on 5 June. On board were seven satellites, including the Jilin-1 03A Earth observation satellite with an optical resolution of 1.13 m, which were launched into 543 x 528 km at 97.54 degrees inclination sun-synchronous orbit. The rocket was “cold launched” – that is, it was ejected from its “missile tube” before its engines ignited.

The other satellites included a pair of ocean-monitoring satellites, Bufeng-1A and B, a small satellite called Xiaoxiang-1-04, an experimental communications satellite, Tianqi-3, and two Tianxiang-bus Ka-band communications satellites. The launch designation was officially LM-11 WEY as part of a sponsorship deal with the WEY Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) car maker.

Long March 11 makes own “sea launch”. Courtesy: Xinhua via nasaspaceflight.com