At 0226 GMT 3 January 2019, China’s Chang’e 4 lander along with the rover it was carrying successfully made a landing on the Moon’s lunar far side at the Atkin Basic crater near its South Pole. The official location is at 177.6 degrees East, 45.5 degrees. South. .On the same day, the Chang’e-4 lunar far side rover, this one called Yutu 2 as the successor to China’s previous lunar rover, was deployed from the lander 14:22 GMT and it rolled onto the surface of the far side of the Moon.  Its design life is three months.

Chang’e 4’s Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit 2) rover trundles off its ramp and onto the lunar surface. Courtesy: CNSA/CASC via CLEP


While the rover will drive off to explore the surface the lunar lander will make its own scientific measurements as a stand along working probe.for radiation on lunar surface and  lunar interior analysis

The wheel of Yutu-2 rover as it rolls itself down to the surface of the lunar far side. Courtesy: CNSA