China successfully launched a Long March 4B (CZ-4B) launch vehicle at 0326 GMT on 12 September from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre. The vehicle was carrying three satellite payloads, Zi Yuan 1-2D, BNU-1 and Jinniuzuo-1.  The Zi Yuan 1-2D is an 1840 kg Chinese-built version of CBERS Earth resources satellite system but not part of arrangement with Brazil. BNU-1 is a small 16 kg Earth observation built by the Shenzhen (DFH) Aerospace Spacesat Compan for the Beijing Normal University (BNU) aimed at monitoring sea ice. It will be operated by the Chinese University Corporation for Polar Research. It also carries an AIS ship-tracking payload which will also aid polar ship navigation.  Jinniuzuo-1 (Taurus-1) is a cubesat class technology demonstration satelllite testing out a deorbiting drag sail.