The three solid stage plus liquid upper stage commercial Chinese launch vehicle Kuaizhou 1A (KZ-1A)was launched at 2341 GMT on 30 August 2019 from the Jiuquan launch site in China.

KZ-1A rocket is launched on 30 August 2019. Courtesy: Expace

Aboard were two satellites, Kuxue-09 (KX-09) and Xiaoxing1-07 (TY1-07) which were being launched into a near polar Sun-synchronous low Earth orbit.  The Kuxue-09 is a satellite carrying microgravity experiments. The 6U Cubesat sized Xiaoxing 1-07 is a technology test communications/Earth survey/air traffic control satellite for future LaserFleet constellation.  The launch was operated by Expace – a commercial spin-off from the military China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) organisation.