Crew Dragon Resilience (Crew 1) makes a repositioning move around ISS

by | Apr 6, 2021 | International Space Station, Satellites, Seradata News, SpaceX

There have been lots of comings and goings on the International Space Station (ISS) during April. The SpaceX Crew Dragon Reslience being flown as part of the  NASA Crew 1 mission – undocked from ISS from Harmony module’s forward docking port at 1030 GMT on 4 April 2021 as part of repositioning exercise. Commander Mike Hopkins, pilot Victor Glover, and mission specialists Soichi Noguchi and Shannon Walker were on board. After making a fly around of ISS, the spacecraft an automated docking of ISS’s Harmony zenith docking port at 1108 GMT.  This move frees up a port for a later Crew Dragon launch.

Crew Dragon Resilience on its continued Crew 1 mission comes in for its docking after its repositioning in April. Courtesy: NASA TV

Two days before the unmanned cargo craft Progress MS-14 made a burn of its engine at 1214 GMT on 2 April 2021 to raise itself and the ISS to which it was docked.

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