Effective Space gets US$100 million servicing contract for its Space Drones

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Satellites, Seradata News, Technology

Effective Space, a UK-based in-orbit satellite servicing company, has signed a US$100 million-plus multi-year contract with an undisclosed regional satellite operator. The agreement will see two of its SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft launched in 2020, providing in-orbit servicing to extend the life of two ageing communication satellites.

Once in orbit the 400 kg Space Drone spacecraft will attach themselves to two elderly geostationary telecommunications satellites, which are almost out of propellants, so that they can take over their station-keeping function. The system is, in effect, a direct competitor to Orbital ATK’s MEV (Mission Extension Vehicle) system, which has a contract with Intelsat to perform a similar function for its satellites.

Illustration showing Space Drone docked with satellite. Courtesy: Effective Space





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