Not to be out-done by fellow satellite operator SES, Intelsat also submitted their commitment to the accelerated C-band clearing process to the FCC on 26 May 2020, (before the 29 May deadline). With the confirmation that both SES and Intelsat (accounting for 91 per cent of the incentive payments) will be taking part, the FCC-managed incentive process can begin.


This incentive process is intended to act as part compensation, and part incentive, for the satellite operators. Both companies have stated that they expect the cost of vacating the 300 Mhz of C-band spectrum over the USA, and installation of spectrum filters on customers C-band antennas to cost in the region of US$1.6 billion. The first deadline for the clearing process is December 2023, followed by the final date of December 2025.

The amount of incentive payments expected by the affected companies ranges from: US$4.87 billion for Intelsat; US$3.97 billion for SES; US$507 million for Eutelsat; US$344 million for Telesat; and US$15 million for Star One.