While Viasat 3-1 (Viasat-3 Americas) and Viasat 3-2 Viasat-3 EMEA High Throughput Satellites (HTS) have their construction well underway and are planned for launches in 2021, there was a missing third member of the GEO triumvirate: Viasat 3-3 (Viasat-3 Asia-Pacific).  This has now been ordered from Boeing and will be launched in 2022.  Viasat has bookings on Falcon Heavy, Ariane 5 and on Atlas V.  It has yet to decide which satellite will launch on which launch vehicle.

Meanwhile the latest member of Viasat’s communications satellite fleet actually in orbit, Viasat-2, is apparently doing the business, despite its slightly bent antenna issue which has resulted in an insurance claim.  Revenue for Viasat as a company came in at US$555 million for the final quarter of 2018 – considerably higher than Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

Artist’s impression of Viasat-2 in orbit. Courtesy: Boeing