SpaceX has received a two-launch launch order from SES to launch the first seven of the SES O3b mPower series of satellites. The satellites will be launched with four of the Boeing-built 1,200kg satellites on one launch and three on another. The order of this flights is yet to be decided. Operating in Medium Earth Orbit, the O3b mPower satellite operate in Ka-band and have a design life of 12 years and will use electric propulsion. Once completed and in position, this addition to the O3b constellation will dramatically increase the system’s capacity up to a rate of 10 terabits per second for users. The two launches are expected to take place in 2021 from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Post Script: O3b’s usual launch provider Arianespace noted that it could not have fitted these launches into its schedule.

Diagram showing the initial O3b mPower constellation. Courtesy: SES