China successfully launched the Gaofen 11-02 satellite at 0557 GMT on 7 September on a Long March 4B (CZ-4B) from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. Gaofen 11-02 is planned to provide remote sensing services for the civil market.

Gaofen 11-02 is launched by a Long March 4B rocket. Courtesy: CASC


During the launch the first stage of the rocket fell near to a school emitting a poisonous gas cloud. There were no casualties in this instance, however, it is known that China is aware of the hazards of falling rocket stages and is fitting aerodynamic guide vanes to help them stear to safe landing spots.

Poisonous gas cloud caused by the impact of the Long March 4B first stage during Gaofen 11-02 launch. Courtesy: Weibo