Israeli Arrow missile makes exo-atmospheric “space interception” of hostile ballistic missile

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Military space, Seradata News, Technology

It has been announced that an Israeli Arrow anti-ballistic missile interceptor had made the first ever direct interception of a live ballistic missile in space (above the Karman line 100 km altitude limit). The tracked ballistic missile which was apparently aimed at Israel was allegedly fired by Houthi rebels based in Yemen in support of Palestine’s Hamas organisation – defined as terrorists by Western governments. Houthi rebels have been fighting a Saudi-backed regime in Yemen.  According to the Jerusalem Post and Aviation Week he interception was made on 31 August over the Red Sea outside of the Earth’s atmosphere with the Israeli Defence Force noting that it took place “at the most appropriate operational time and location.”  The target was apparently the Israeli city of Eileat.

The ballistic missile intercepted has not been formally identified but the Houthi forces are apparently operating a theatre-range missile reminiscent of Iran’s Ghadr and North Korea’s Nodong missiles.

Arrow 3 launch. Courtesy: IDF

Comment by David Todd: The Arrow system was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries in conjunction with the Israeli and US defense establishments. This writer was a judge which awarded the Arrow missile system a Flight International prize when it was introduced.

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