NASA’s fine photographer Bill Ingalls has realised that he might have overdone it when he got in a little too close to get one of his trademark close-ups of the Falcon 9 Vandenberg launch, which was carrying the GRACE Follow-on (GRACE FO) two-satellite mission and the five Iridium co-payloads. The fiery plume from the rocket cooked his closely positioned, thankfully remotely operated, Canon EOS camera – see below – melting it in a big way.

Bill forgot the old-school comedy roasting chestnuts-on-the-fire joke:

“My chestnuts are burning!”  “My chestnuts are burning!”

“Well don’t stand so close to the fire then!”

NASA photographer Bill Ingalls’ cooked camera Courtesy: Twitter/CBS

The camera’s last image before it was cooked. Courtesy: NASA/Bill Ingalls