NASA announces first tranche of Project Artemis lunar mission astronauts

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NASA has formally announced the astronauts that will participate on the lunar missions as part of Project Artemis. The cadre of 18 is split evenly between men and women. Some have space experience and some do not:

  • Joseph Acaba. Born 1967, Anaheim, California. Astronaut selection: 2004. Three flights – shuttle (2009), Soyuz (2012; 2018)
  • Kayla Barron. Born 1987, Pocatello, Idaho. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Raja Chari. Born 1977, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Matthew Dominick. Born 1981, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights.
  • Victor Glover. Born 1976, Pomona, California. Astronaut selection: 2013. One flight – Crew Dragon (2020)
  • Warren Hoburg. Born 1985, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Jonny Kim. Born 1984, Los Angeles, California. Astronaut selection: 2020. No flights
  • Christina Koch. Born 1979, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Astronaut selection: 2013. One flight – Soyuz (2019)
  • Kjell Lindgren. Born 1973, Taipei, Taiwan. Astronaut selection: 2009. One flight – Soyuz (2015)
  • Nicole A Mann. Born 1977, Petaluma, California. Astronaut selection: 2013. No flights, assigned to Boeing Starliner crew
  • Anne McClain. Born 1979, Spokane, Washington. Astronaut selection: 2013. One flight – Soyuz (2018)
  • Jessica Meir. Born 1977, Caribou, Maine. Astronaut selection: 2013. One flight – Soyuz (2019)
  • Jasmin Moghbeli. Born 1983, Bad Nauheim, West Germany. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Kate Rubins. Born 1978, Farmington, Connecticut. Astronaut selection: 2009. Two flights – Soyuz (2016; 2020)
  • Frank Rubio. Born 1975, Los Angeles, California. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Scott Tingle. Born 1965, Attleboro, Massachusetts. Astronaut selection: 2009. One flight – Soyuz (2017)
  • Jessica Watkins. Born 1988. Gaithersburg, Maryland. Astronaut selection: 2017. No flights
  • Stephanie Wilson. Born 1966, Boston, Massachusetts. Astronaut selection: 1996. Three fllights – shuttle (2006; 2007; 2010)

A more detailed story is available on the BBC:

Comment by David Todd: Not many old boys and girls here…just one from the 1960s who might just remember the Apollo flights.  We still held out a hope that nonagenarian Apollo 13 astronaut commander Jim Lovell – who sadly never got to the lunar surface – might have been included, if only carried there as a passenger.

The Blue Origin-led National Team’s concept for a three-stage lunar lander/ascent/transfer craft. Courtesy: Blue Origin


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