The disastrous uncertainty of the current Brexit impasse is a chagrin to the UK space industry and to the nation’s other industries, who, in truth, would rather that the UK was not leaving the EU at all.  Meanwhile, leaver opinion is hardening and now appears to want a “hard” no deal Brexit rather that the Theresa May-negotiated departure deal. The other problem is that the EU itself does not want to renegotiate anything.

As such, to conquer this parliamentary/EU impasse, the UK really does need another referendum to decide on whether or not the UK should leave the EU. Apologies to those who voted to leave and who will not like a second referendum…but they have to realise that things have changed (by the way, this writer originally voted for Brexit and will, depending on the choices, do so again).

So here is the Todd Brexit 2nd Referendum Plan which has a two-stage vote done much in the same way that France elects its President:

Stage 1: Second referendum vote to take place with three choices. This a straight vote with only one of these choices to be voted for by each voter.  By the way, it is important that this stage should NOT use any form of transferable voting via graduated preferences as this risks skewing the vote resulting in the true second in terms of first choice support not getting through to the final round. Note also that it is democratically important that the “Leave the EU with No Deal” option should be included in the choices.

Thus the three initial choices should be:

  1. Remain in the EU
  2. Leave the EU via Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.
  3. Leave the EU with no deal (with already agreed rights for UK and EU expats).

Stage 2: The top two in terms of the most votes from Stage 1 have a run-off vote.  The winning choice of this second voting stage will decide if Brexit actually takes place in 2019, and if so, on what terms.

The EU Flag

NOTA BENE: The above expressed opinion is a personal one and not necessarily the opinion of Seradata Limited. Note also that this writer has a small financial interest in a second referendum occurring in 2019, having a bet on one to happen before the end of the year, and also for the result to be to remain in the EU. P.S. Amber Rudd is your correspondent’s bet at 66-1 with William Hill (since fallen to 33-1) to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May when she goes.