Orbital ATK’s plans to effectively join the battle for military and government launches using a new solid rocket has come a step forward.  Not only has it remaned its “Next Generation Launch Vehicle” with the nicer sounding OmegA (upper case A is deliberate), they have also found an engine for its cryogenic upper stage. While the rocket will consist of two main solid rocket stages, aided by solid rocket strap-ons, the upper stage will now be powered by a LOx/Liquid Hydrogen powered Aerojet Rocketdyne RL-10C.  This engine apparently beat out its LOx/liquid natural gas competitor, the BE-3, from Blue Origin.  The first flight of the new rocket, which is aimed to carry medium-to-heavy class payloads, is due in 2021.

Artist’s impression of OmegA rocket in flight. Courtesy: Orbital ATK