Raytheon Technologies, a major American aerospace and defence manufacturer anounced on 10 November 2020 its intention to acquire the entirety of Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT). BCT is a leader in the small satellite industry providing whole satellite or specific component construction services.

The company has in recent years been the beneficiary of several contracts from the US Government, notably: DARPA, USAF and NASA. A more recent major award was from DARPA and has a potential value of up to US$99.4 million if all its options are exercised.

Raytheon Technologies formed out of the Raytheon UTC merger in April 2020. Courtesy of Raytheon Technologies


Currently BCT is a private company based in Boulder, Colorado. If the sale is approved Raytheon plans to merge it into its Raytheon Intelligence & Space business. Closure of the transaction is anticipated for early-2021.