Russian media reports have indicated that the Russian Express-80 communications satellite has suffered a serious anomaly during its slow orbital climb to its operational geostationary location after its 31 July Proton launch with Express-103. Specifically, the Express-80 satellite is believed to have been hit by a piece of space debris, which Seradata understands to have affected some of its internal heaters and an antenna. The spacecraft’s control and propulsion system is said to be unaffected and is continuing its electric thruster orbital raising operations. The spacecraft, which was built by ISS Reshetnev, is insured.

Post Script: Seradata has also received a report that the Harbinger (Iceye X3) spacecraft suffered a failure of its SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) payload, and an unconfirmed report that there may be a fault with  the Capella-02 (Sequoia) commercial SAR satellite. Seradata would be grateful to receive any confirmation/further detail on these events.

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