At 0513 GMT, 13 June 2020, the twelfth Electron mission for Rocket Lab lifted-off from Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand. This mission was called “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Rocket Lab, and was carrying five payloads to LEO. The payloads were: the picosatellite deployer ANDESITE, the mission pathfinder RAAF M2 Pathfinder, and three small satellites with unknown missions.

Three customers accounted for the payloads: Boston University (Center for Space Physics); the University of New South Wales; and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which had three payloads on-board.

The Rocket Lab Electron rocket lifting-off from its launch pad in New Zealand. Courtesy of Rocket Lab


Having had to delay this launch by several weeks due to the national, COVID-19 lock-down implemented by New Zealand, Rocket Lab is reportedly eager to get launching again with the booster for their next flight already present and assembled at the launch site. See this tweet from Rocket Lab CEO and Founder Peter Beck.