The Royal Wedding a few miles down the road from this writer’s house promises to be biggest single day TV event this year (the FIFA World Cup will command a larger total audience but that will be over several days).  Already most of the world’s TV media and press are in town and satellite capacity has been booked for the live TV event at Windsor Castle. This will take place on Saturday 19th May (Noon BST)…but heartbreakingly there maybe no father present to give beautiful actress Meghan Markle away to marry Prince Harry.  Meghan’s father Thomas has had to recover from a recent heart operation, not helped by his consternation about all the media interest in him.  As such, your correspondent would gladly like to offer his services to young Meghan in case she needs a stand in. ust get in touch Meghan and your correspondent will practice his curtseying!

STOP PRESS:  Your correspondent has been usurped. Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles has agreed with Meghan’s mother that he will give the bride way.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their engagement interview. Courtesy: BBC

P.S. Your correspondent used to be a fan of the TV legal drama show Suits in which Meghan starred…mind you latterly it was starting to show signs of running out of steam. In other words, Meghan wisely jumped ship to a better gig just in time.

Of course, aircraft noise could be a problem at the Windsor Castle venue as it is right underneath the Heathrow Airport flight path.  As such, the couple might have to strain to scream “I will” loudly enough just to be heard in the castle’s St. George’s Chapel.  As Prince Phillip, the Queen’s husband so rightly put it about the conjunction of Windsor and the flight path: “Its a bloody stupid place to build a castle”.

All of us at Seradata wish Prince Harry and Meghan (and anyone else getting married that day) a very good day and a very happy life together.