SATELLITE 2019: OneWeb expects to begin full launches by end of the year

by | May 7, 2019 | Satellites, Seradata News, Technology

At the OneWeb keynote session at SATELLITE 2019, CEO Adrian Steckel, accompanied by SoftBank Managing Director Alex Clavel, gave insight into the company’s plans for the coming year.

OneWeb feels ready to begin production of satellites at its new Florida manufacturing facility. This follows the success of the first test launch, in which a Europeanised Soyuz placed six OneWeb satellites into LEO, and completion of the in-orbit testing of these satellites. Once the factory gets up to speed – projected for September or October – it is expected to produce two complete units a day.

The speakers also announced that the first fully populated OneWeb Soyuz launch is planned for the end of the year, possibly in November, but more likely in December. This launch is expected to carry 35 satellites.

New corporate livery for OneWeb


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