Having resisted doing so for five years, Seradata has finally joined Twitter. We know it has its pitfalls…say the “wrong thing” in a Tweet and those self-appointed arbiters of right and wrong – the Twitter mob – will be after you.  Or possibly the financial regulators, or even the police. So we will try and avoid that.

Of course, at this point, we did think about asking those long-time practitioners of Twitter: Elon Musk or President Donald Trump for their advice on staying out of trouble. Then again – we don’t think we will bother! : )

Nevertheless, as we have always done, we will try to tell the truth if and when we can get it, and we will flag up things we have doubts about or even disagree with. And if we do make a mistake as we do so, just as we would hope to forgive those who repent, we will similarly hope for forgiveness ourselves.



So if you are interested in “following us” on Twitter we are at: @Seradata  https://twitter.com/seradata

Finally, as we wish ourselves good luck we hope that the one who lit the blue touch paper at the start of the Universe will help us do the right thing, keep us out of trouble, and possibly even bring us a little success in this latest undertaking. God willing! Inshallah!