Soyuz launches Progress MS-13 cargo vessel on way to ISS but it has to wait for Dragon CRS-19

by | Dec 6, 2019 | International Space Station, Seradata News, Soyuz, SpaceX

Russia successfully launched the Progress MS-13 unmanned cargo spacecraft on a Soyuz 2-1A at 0934 GMT on  6 December from the Baikonur Space Centre near Tyuratam in Kazakhstan. The Progress MS-13 is a resupply mission will be taking supplies to the International Space Station ( ISS).  However, so not to conflict with flight and arrival of the reusable cargo craft SpaceX Dragon CRS-19, Progress MS-13 will not approach and dock with the ISS until 9 December.

Update on 9 December 2019: After its three day long slow approach – a longer time than normal in order to wait for the Dragon CRS-19 to get grappled and berthed first – Progress MS-13 made its automated approach and docking with the Pirs module of the Pirs module at 1038 GMT on 9 December.

Phil Hylands contributed to this report

The International Space Station (ISS). Courtesy: NASA


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