SSTL of Guildford, Surrey, gets order from Satellite Vu

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Satellites, Science, Seradata News

The Guildford UK-based satellite construction firm SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Limited),  which is part of Airbus Space and Defence, has won a contract from UK-based Satellite Vu for the first satellite in its seven satellite constellation of infra red heat monitoring satellites.  The satellite is to use its new DarkCarb bus design for the 130 kg satellite which will be launched in Q4 2022.  The satellites are reported to be able to provide Mid-wave infra-red (MWIR) imaging to a resolution of 3.5 m – enough to identify buildings emitting significant thermal energy from their roofs.

Artist’s impression of Satellite Vu spacecraft using SSTL’s DarkCarb bus. Courtesy: SSTL


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