Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), the small satellite construction arm of Airbus DS, was formally awarded the construction contract for the UrtheDaily constellation of eight earth imaging satellites on November 14. It had been the designated constructor since 2016. The satellites, which will use the SSTL-250 bus design, will be ready for launch in 2020.



In the same week, SSTL confirmed it had sold its US-arm, SST-US, to General Atomics, a supplier of numerous high-tech systems covering the energy, space and defence sectors. The sale sees General Atomics acquiring the assets previously owned by SST-US, as well as responsibility for its ongoing projects. It will be licensed to provide SSTL’s platform designs to market in the US. SST-US will be integrated into General Atomics’ Electromagnetic Systems Group.

Matt Wilson contributed to this article.